Our Teachers

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Disa Allen

Disa has been practicing yoga since 2012, yet feels like it has always been part of her. The desire to develop a deeper practice is what led her to pursue the teaching aspect of yoga.
She graduated from Spotted Dog Yoga’s Light Up! 200 hour Teacher Empowerment Program in 2018.

Favorite post yoga meal-
Any food that is fresh, colorful and vibrant.

Words to live by-
Happiness is a function of compassion. If you do not have compassion in your heart, you do not have happiness. -Thich Nhat Hanh

Favorite yoga pose-
Savasana, because that final rest after a great practice is one of the reasons I return to the mat time and time again. It can also be one of the most mentally challenging poses for me.

Favorite thing about teaching-
I love connecting with people and helping them find their voice on and off the mat. Teaching helps me live a more meaningful life.


Natalie Ostergaard

With thirty years of group fitness instruction experience, Natalie, is committed to sharing the rewards of moving with integrity.  Whatever your fitness level or limitations, a Pilates practice is a platform for growth.
“Many moons ago” from the Exercise Science Alliance with current FiTOUR,  TRX, and WillPower Method certifications.
Favorite post Pilates meal-
A protein packed snack, water, and off to the next task of the day.
Favorite Pilates exercise-
“The Seal.  Simply because it took me fifteen years to master this movement.”
Words to live by-
“Start small…Think big!” as well as, “Learn to move intentionally, not habitually.”
Favorite thing about teaching-
”When class participants share how their newly acquired Pilates skills have changed and improved their daily lives and literally saved their ass.”

Makenzie Johnson

Makenzie committed to a daily practice of Yoga over a year ago, fell in love right away and decided to get certified to teach so that she could share this love and passion with others. Classes with Makenzie are both grounding and energizing and she encourages her students to take what they learn in class off their mat and into the world. Within each class she desires that her students choose to love and feel loved, restore and rejuvenate and become a better version of themselves. Graduated from Orange Coast College’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program in 2017.

Favorite post yoga meal-
Loads of water, coffee, fresh fruit and avocado toast!!

Favorite thing about teaching-
I love that teaching gives me the ability to be vulnerable, humble myself and speak from my heart and into others lives. I love that I am able to be apart of the development of a heart connection with other humans in my community and serve them in love. I love growing with others as we take our practice off our mats and into the world. I think the little changes we make on our mat and in our lives each day will ultimately impact the world, it all starts with us and it all starts within.

Favorite yoga pose-
Sun A because there are so many variations to make it less or more challenging, quicker or slower– making it your own flow and finding what feels good.

Words to live by-
“Let everything you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14


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Karen Hoza

Karen is an Energy Medicine practitioner, Reike Master and coach, trained by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. She is a graduate of The Four Winds Light Body School and also holds their Master Certification.  Karen is a Bellydance Teacher and Organic Farmer. As co-founder of Mountain Fire Bellydance and Artemisia Gardens Organic Farm, Karen incorporates creativity and connection to the Mother Earth in all aspects of her healing work.

As a stand for self-empowerment, expressed through truth and authenticity, Karen is gifted at creating and holding safe sacred space for Rites of Passage and personal transformation.

Karen has worked with groups and individuals nationwide. Deeply connected to the Divine Feminine, Karen is inspired to share her creative wisdom with all those ready to experience transformation in their lives.

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Lydia Menley

Lydia began practicing yoga regularly in the beginning of 2017, and soon after decided to get certified to teach in 2018. She hopes to inspire growth and healing with her teaching. Graduated from Zuda Yoga’s Live Your Truth 200 hour training in 2018 and she is looking forward to furthering her education in yoga as she teaches.

Favorite Post Yoga Meal-
“If I were to offer you advice I would say make sure to hydrate and eat plenty of veggies, but in reality my favorite way to end a yoga class is with coffee and breakfast food…because breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not eat it three times a day?”

Favorite Yoga Pose-
“My favorite yoga pose is Humble Warrior because it is one that asks for strength, balance, flexibility, and surrender…all key components of yoga. It is a practice of grounding yourself through your feet and standing in your strength, all while releasing your upper body to the mat. Such a true example of power and grace.”

Favorite Thing About Teaching-
Teaching is a way for me to serve my community in a way that directly affects their hearts. Whether through words or in silence, I want to provide a place of comfort for others so that they can release, reflect, and grow through their practice.”

Words To Live By-
“The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.” –Romans 8:18


Julia Vieira

Julia began practicing yoga regularly in 2016. Steady practice has helped her to heal her body and mind, while creating a deeper connection to spirit. She became a teacher to deepen her personal practice, and feels it is her life purpose to share her knowledge of yoga in a big way. She recently graduated from the Southwest Insititute of Healing Arts 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Tempe, AZ. During her training she became Reiki Level 2 Certified. She plans on furthering her yogic path through the study of Ayurveda.
Favorite post yoga meal –
All the fruits! Basmati rice, beans, and some fresh veggies from the garden.
Favorite yoga pose –
Vrikshasana – tree pose! I love doing this pose outside with my bare feet in the dirt. I imagine grounding down and growing roots into Mother Earth.
Favorite thing about teaching –
Seeing my students leave class happy and glowing. Being able to share my knowledge, while learning from my students.
Words to live by –
Learning to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. – Oscar Wilde

Bianca Burton

Bianca completed her Yoga Teacher Training at The Expanding Light in Grass Valley and is registered as a professional yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance. When she’s not teaching yoga you can catch her running the farmers markets around the county, scrambling up boulders out on the high-country trails , or catching turns on the winter slopes. Follow Bianca on Instagram and Facebook for yoga tips and inspiration.

Favorite post yoga meal –
A beer and a burger!

Favorite yoga pose –
Uttanasana because of its encouraging release for the back body.
Favorite thing about teaching –
Helping students with anatomy and alignment in the postures.
Words to live by –
“The times of greatest hardship will give us opportunity for the greatest growth.”
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Allison Brewer

Allison graduated from the Light Up! 200-Hour Teacher Empowerment Program at Spotted Dog Yoga in Folsom, Ca in 2018. Though yoga has been a part of her life for many years, she didn’t settle in to a regular practice until 2016. Up until that point, yoga had been a sporadic form of exercise to loosen up what running had tightened. Once she started practicing regularly, she began to experience the life-changing benefits of this practice. Yoga is so much more than what we do on the mat- yoga makes everything better!
Favorite post-yoga meal-
Something cold like a smoothie or a giant crunchy salad with lots of color
Favorite yoga pose-
Wheel (urdhva dhanurasana) because it makes me feel like I’m 10 years old and in gymnastics class all over again!
Favorite thing about teaching-
Yoga gives us so many tools that we can carry with us into our lives to create focused presence with the people that we love. I love watching others experience breakthroughs on their mats and in their lives.
Words to live by-
“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.” ~Paulo Coelho