Class Descriptions

_DSC2284 (2)Amador Yoga offers a variety of classes for all ages and fitness levels.

Ashtanga: Led Primary Series: Ashtanga is a traditional vinyasa style practice involving a series of set poses performed in the same order, focused on breath, drishti and bandhas. This class will focus on the Primary Series which will be instructor led. The practice will challenge you and help you take your personal yoga practice to a deeper level. Recommended for intermediate to advanced students, though no prior experience with Ashtanga is necessary. Class Length: 90 minute

Pilates: Core training to lengthen and strengthen. Utilize your body’s powerhouse while you reach in every direction improving stability, balance and centered strength. A barefoot practice creating a foundation of fitness – from the ground up. Class length: 60 minutes

Power Flow: This class follows Vinyasa flow style, moves quickly and is meant to challenge you throughout the power sequence. Students leave class feeling energized and grounded. This class is appropriate for intermediate to advanced students. Class length: 60 minutes

Slow Flow: This class is a slow paced Vinyasa flow style and is great for all levels. Modifications are demonstrated as needed based on each individual student’s needs. You will leave class feeling refreshed and grounded. Class length: 60 minutes

Yin Yoga: This is a slow paced, highly relaxing style of yoga where each pose is held for 2-5 minutes in order to target the deep connective tissue. This style of yoga is great for all levels and those looking to deepen stretches and increase flexibility. Class length: 60 minutes