Class Descriptions

Amador Yoga 011


Heated Vinyasa:

This is a Power Vinyasa class that focuses on building strength, stamina, and flexibility. The room will be heated to around 90 degrees to assist in opening the body. This is not Hot Yoga however this class is recommended for athletes, someone with good body awareness, or the experienced yogi. Class length: 60 minutes


Power Vinyasa:

Power Vinyasa is a series of vigorous postures intended to build muscle and allow deep stretching. We will follow a Vinyasa style flow where the movements of the body are connected to the breath giving you an opportunity to create a meditative rhythm in your practice. This class will have a quicker pace focusing on building heat! If you are looking to build more physical strength, endurance, and energy, or if you prefer a Vinyasa style practice, this is a great class for you! Class length: 60 minutes


Slow Vinyasa:

This class is a slower paced Vinyasa flow and is great for MOST ability levels. Postures are intended to build muscle and allow deep stretching. The slow rhythm allows the practitioner time to evaluate how and when a pose can be modified to move deeper into ones own unique shape without feeling rushed. If you like a Vinyasa practice, are looking to spend more time in your postures, enjoy learning alignment, and are looking to invite slow, deep breathing to your practice, this class is for you! Class length: 60 minutes


Slow Vinyasa (Kids Welcome):

No child care? No problem! This is a slow Vinyasa flow where kids of any age are welcome to either practice with you or play independently while you practice. Please arrive early to get your kiddos settled in. Class length: 60 minutes


Gentle Yoga:

A traditional Hatha practice, these classes are relatively slow moving and conservative with variations explained using props when needed to support the body’s unique shape. Typically the asanas are held for longer periods of time and we leave feeling balanced, renewed, and completely relaxed. If you are looking for a good stretch, a more quiet practice, or if this is your first time doing yoga, this is a great class for you!​ Class length: 60 minutes



This is a slow paced, highly relaxing style of yoga where each pose is held for 2-5 minutes in order to target the deep connective tissue. This style of yoga is great for most levels and those looking to deepen stretches and increase flexibility. Class length: 60 minutes


Extended Practice:

This class will begin with pranayama (breath work) and then move in to a slow Vinyasa flow preceded by a short five to ten minute meditation. If you enjoy slow flow but would like to add other elements into your yoga practice, this class is for you. Class length: 60 minutes


Everyday Shamanism:

Tools, techniques, and practices to create a life of abundance and joy in these challenging times. Based on the ancient teachings of the medicine people of the Americas, who changed their world through changing their perspective. Class length: 60 minutes


Postures and Prayer:

Postures and Prayer is an experiential worship class created to deepen people’s connection to Christ through the practice of yoga and emphasis on prayer. Our sole purpose is to facilitate a Christ centered experience that offers an opportunity for believers and non-believers alike to authentically connect to God through His Word, worship, prayer and wellness.


Pilates Matwork:

Core training to lengthen and strengthen. Utilize your body’s powerhouse while you reach in every direction to improve stability, balance, and centered strength. A barefoot practice creating a foundation of fitness- from the ground up.